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If you have been reading all about SEO company reviews and now landed here you will be aware of why we are looking at this data. The information below focusses on Birmingham SEO.

Birmingham SEO Company

Above shows the Google search result for “Birmingham SEO Company” as of 14/11/2013.

We will now show you how to compare SEO companies using FREE online tools. These are the same tools that SEO companies will often use in everyday analysis.

If we take the top SEO company’s in Birmingham according to Google we have:-

1. Chameleon Web Services –
2. Essential Marketer –
3. Digital Cherry –
4. Kalexiko –
5. WOW Internet –
6. Rice Media –
7. SEO It Right –

There is not really much point looking after 5th in Google but we have included the 5th and 6th positions due to the fact that these might move up to 4th or 5th at some point.

The first thing to consider when looking at an SEO company is physical traffic the website achieves.

Birmingham SEO Company Review

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This shows clearly that the only really Chameleon Web Services and Kalexiko have any online traffic. This is a good indicator that these two companies understand how to generate traffic to a website.

To compare the other two companies Rice Media and SEO It Right see below:-

Birmingham SEO Company Reviews

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One of the best indicators about how and what an SEO company can achieve is the number of keywords that they are ranking for.

Best Birmingham SEO Company

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Clearly here you can see that Chameleon Web Services is way above any other SEO company Birmingham in terms of the number of keywords that are being ranked. The spikes on the graph are due to the Google Algorithm changes and from this graph we would say that only Chameleon have managed to carry out SEO that Google like.

We need to still look at the other two companies Rice Media and SEO It Right.

Best Birmingham SEO Companys

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